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Wholesale Solutions

Ingram offers a broad range of products, wholesale services and solutions to help booksellers, library suppliers and other re-sellers discover, order, and sell books. Get books fast and reliably from Ingram’s global distribution centers.

13 milltion titles in 150 languages

We provide 13 million titles in 150 languages

40,000 publishers and 10,000 retailers

We work with 40,000+ publishers and 10,000+ retailers

180 million+ units in 40,000 locations

Millions of Annual Global Deliveries to 40,000+ Locations

Simplified Ordering

There are two main ways a retailer can trade with Ingram Wholesale Services and Ingram Lightning Source.

Ingram ipage


A free online tool for small to medium sized organizations,  ipage allows you to check inventory across multiple locations, place and track orders, download invoices and credit notes, and more.

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Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We support all main EDI formats and have a dedicated team to assist with set-up and ongoing support.

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Receive Books Three Ways

Books are offered for sale from multiple global locations in local currencies and in three ways:

stocked books

Stocked Books

Books we buy from publishers and physically store in one of our Distribution Centres

print on demand

Print-on-Demand Books (POD)

Books we hold digitally and print as needed

distributed books

Distributed Books (IPS)

Books physically held in stock and supplied on behalf of publishers

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Our goal is to provide a coherent and reliable retailer customer experience across all Ingram geographical sourcing locations.

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Whether you trade with us via ipage or EDI, each supply location has different terms and conditions. Find your location below to learn more.



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United Arab Emirates

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United States

Ingram Publisher Services

Additional Services

Consumer Direct Fulfillment

Consumer Direct Fulfillment (CDF)

Consumer Direct Fulfillment service offers speed, efficiency, and cost savings for online retailers. Orders from your website are processed in one of our four state-of-the-art distribution centers and shipped to your customer’s doors—as if they came directly from you. Immediate access to millions of titles reduces your inventory costs while also eliminating the need to receive, repack, and reship.

Ingram Data Services

Bibliographic and Inventory Data

Ingram Data Services complement our catalog by providing comprehensive inventory information, rich bibliographic data, and high-quality cover images via FTP or our convenient Web Service. If the full catalog is too extensive, limited Top Selling and Subject-driven data packages are also available. Data packages are available as CSV, Flat Text Files, ONIX, and /or XML responses via a secure URL.


UK Wholesale guide

UK Wholesale ipage Guide

guide to Ingram

Guide to Ingram Services


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Our goal is to provide a coherent and reliable retailer customer experience across all Ingram geographical sourcing locations.