Lighter Weight. Higher Opacity. Groundwood Eggshell Paper

Groundwood Eggshell paper is an excellent alternative to crème paper if you are looking for a thicker and smoother paper that works great for trade books, reader guides, and academic trade titles. Many large publishers are already making the switch, so don't miss out.

Weight US & AU: 38#/56.2gsm, UK: 44#/65gsm
PPI 408, Opacity 94, Brightness 70

Optimal Titles:
Small-format books, B&W only, Select Trim Size

Benefits of using Groundwood paper

Higher Opacity

It lets through less light and creates less transparent paper.

Lighter Weight/Bulkier

Requires less paper to generate substantial spine.

Easy Transition Time

Already offered in your account.

Cost Saving

Over time, it will save you on shipping costs.


Available in our US, UK, and Australia facilities.

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