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at Frankfurt Book Fair

18-22 October 2023

We’re excited to be back at Frankfurt Book Fair this year! On this page you’ll find links to Ingram’s newest products and services to help your books reach readers around the world.

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Managed Distribution Services

Ingram Publisher Services UK is a world-leading book distributor and publisher services company working with a diverse portfolio of clients, including trade, professional, academic, medical, and arts publishers. With more than 45 years of experience in the book industry, we have expert teams in warehousing, operations, and publisher and customer services, as well as a dynamic, highly driven global sales and marketing team operating out of London and New York.

Harnessing the power of a global network of retailers and libraries, and cost-saving print-on-demand services, publishers can ensure stock is always available and arrives to customers consolidated with warehouse stock with no additional time delay. If you’d like to take a closer look at who we are and what we do you’ll find a downloadable deck here, and if you’re ready to have a conversation about having us work on your behalf please take a brief moment to fill out this form.

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Print-On-Demand & Global Distribution

Print-on-demand offers many benefits not available in traditional large print run and warehousing models. Not only can print-on-demand cut the cost of printing and warehousing books it also expands your global market reach.


  • Market exposure through more than 39,000 retailers, libraries, and more
  • Ensure every title in your catalog is always in print so you never miss a sale
  • Instant access to dozens of countries with as fast as same-day delivery
  • Reduce overhead by eliminating book warehousing costs
  • Ability to print any volume to supplement a variety of publishing models

New Print on Demand Facility in Sharjah in the UAE

Increase the distribution reach for your titles throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond!

Ingram and the Sharjah Book Authority have established a joint venture to operate a print-on-demand facility in Sharjah, the world’s first free trade zone for publishing. The addition of this new location gives publishers access to readers and retailers within the region more quickly and efficiently.

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Ebook & Audiobook Sales & Distribution

Ingram’s CoreSource platform powers more than 37,000 publishers around the world.


We combine industry knowledge and a network of relationships to help you control your supply chain, streamline processes*, and stay up to date on changing requirements.
*Now offering full support and automation for Open Access titles!

  • More Control - Meet your book distribution business needs with the option for manual or automated control
  • More Formats - Store, manage and distribute all your ebook, print book and audiobook files and metadata in one place
  • More Channels - Nearly 500 retail bookstores, libraries, and educational institutions around the world
  • Metadata Expertise - Ensure the latest specifications are applied and metadata is correctly distributed
  • Security - The highest level of protection for storing, managing and distributing your book content
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Your Guide to Ingram

Have you ever wondered how Ingram gets books into the hands (or ears) of readers around the world? We created this guide to help explain our global wholesale, Print-on-Demand, and digital management networks connect to distribute content to every corner of the globe.

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Consumer Marketing Services

Advertise directly to consumers who are Verified Readers. Ingram has a proprietary database of millions of readers and a set of advertising services to help you reach them.

Ingram iD

Our easy-to-use, self-serve advertising platform, Ingram iD, gives you a way to advertise to our proprietary database of unique, segmented Verified Readers on platforms like Google and Facebook.

Marketing Services Advertising Solutions

Discover a vibrant community of readers searching for their next favorite book. Ingram’s network of websites and newsletters reaches millions of readers across dozens of categories.

Marketing Advantage

Customizable full-service digital marketing offering with options for both frontlist and backlist catalogs.*

*Currently available to Ingram’s distribution clients.

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Retailer Resources

Ingram Wholesale Services in the UK

Ingram recently launched Wholesale Services in the UK and now features stocked books alongside Print-on-Demand (POD) titles for wholesale supply to the UK book trade directly from our Milton Keynes warehouse.

In addition to millions of POD titles Ingram has supplied the market with for years, booksellers will now also have access to a curated list of popular UK titles physically stocked in Ingram’s UK warehouse.

Supply is available with fast delivery and clear availability messaging to the book trade. Orders received by noon will be dispatched the next working day. Print-on-demand titles will benefit from an enhanced turnaround time of next-day shipping for both paperbacks and hardbacks.

For more information, please reach out to your Ingram sales manager or email here.

Lightning Source Sharjah for Booksellers

Through Lightning Source Sharjah, a wide variety of Ingram's top titles are available to order in USD and are shipped directly from Ingram's new joint-venture facility. Learn more about this enhanced service for booksellers.

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Books Your Customers Want, Ready to Ship

Access the books, gifts, games, and sidelines your customers want most. Reach more readers quickly and efficiently with our global delivery programs, a vast inventory with millions of titles, and easy-to-use options for ordering.

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